The Founders

Raffet Ballard

Hello! I’m Raffet (Raff), from the UK and let me start by saying how much I love this game. It’s my first MMO and I’ve been playing for about a year now, starting a few months before Shadowbringers came out. It just keeps getting better! I play White Mage primarily, but recently I have taken up Summoner for raiding. I’ve met some amazing people playing this game, and just want to meet people to enjoy it with. Recently into savage raiding and really loving the challenge, but there isn’t much in the game I don’t enjoy.

Aric Bodaric

Hey I'm Aric from sunny Manchester. I've been playing FFXIV since the launch of Heavensward, and have just come back from a 1 year break away from the game. I have big love for 24-mans (especially Copied Factory and Ivalice raids!), and I really enjoy pushing myself in Savage content, especially with FC mates and friends. I main a Scholar in all content, for my sins 😅. I'm really into the lore and background of FFXIV, and I'm much more inclined to immerse myself in the story and epic content then obsess about min maxing and levelling every class.

The FC House

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Right at the edge of the azure waters of the Brimming Heart of the Goblet, sits our stunning HQ. A comfy place for Crystal Agito to relax after a hard days work saving the world!

Of course we have all the usual trappings of an FC house; workstation to help those getting into crafting, a Crystal Bell for when you fancy a change of look, stables to house and train your Chocobo companion, and our hardworking staff of Lalafells who are always on hand for melding, mending and...vendor-ing?

Aside from the useful features of the house, it's also a stunning place to hang around, inside and out! Feel free to come have a browse, Crystal Agito HQ is situated in Plot 49 in Ward 21

Why we've started Crystal Agito

After some great times playing together, we both realised we had a lot in common, especially when it came to FFXIV. We both share the view that FFXIV is best when you're actually enjoying yourself. Sometimes, you can't escape the grind - working for that awesome glam you're desperate for, or capping tomes to make sure you're not too squishy for the stuff you want to play - but most of the time it's the playing of the parts of the game you love that give the best reward - enjoyment!

Sure, MSQ roulette might pay handsomely, but if you're bored out of your mind for a big chunk of your daily playtime, is it worth it...and are you only learning how to play your class at level 50? Getting every DoW/DoM class to 80 sure looks good on your character sheet, but are you kicking ass with your main in some of the games most epic (and usually more difficult) content? We like to play a bit differently.

We have a philosophy that sometimes means we don't always choose the 'fastest' way to achieve something, or the 'easiest' - the main thing we're looking for is to enjoy ourselves, to challenge ourselves, and become better players for it. We're by no means elite - rising to the challenge and clearing content is where we get our kicks - though of course getting a bit better each time you run something is a fun goal as well!

We've started Crystal Agito to bring together more people who think the same way. Whether it's people progging through Savage, new starters wanting to enjoy everything the game has to offer, or veterans who like to dabble in a bit of everything - we hope you'll find Crystal Agito a good home for you.