"I had to say "Daddy" Even during my lesbian ERP" - Amerin

"Aric why did you change to a little guy?" - Anna

"Also, I wasn't expecting to see a gif of noo-noo rimming Po today, and yet, there it is" - Aric

"the light...THE LIGHT" - Aru

"By that logic, you're nothing" - Aze

"Stupid Sexy Swedish Seagulls" - Dascus


"Well, you are pretty basic Prince" - Mario

"I don't know how to pronounce my name" - Mischa

"pharaohs are actually insane ppl" - Nea

"Wait ... Aric you're gay? I thought you said you had a GF a while ago Oo" - Nel

"I want you to Pompeii my mouth" - Neph

"*slap slap slap* Hear that? I'm a whore. It's banana" - Prince

"brb just need to go sort out my wife" - Raff

"Six" - Scott

"that's a sex toy with an avocado glam" - Skurd

"I'm getting my mouth wet" - Taco

"Ok gimme herpes and see if that works" - Tarn

"Flex that puberty on em Tarn" - Vex

"Need to go sell my bum" - Zan