"Are you gonna wear it with the clogs? *eyeroll*" - Raff

"Leave. My Damn Clogs. Alone." - Aric

"Can you apply makeup with clogs?" - Rokk

"Saucy Bread" - Matcha

"Never played that class" - Jerry (yes THE Jerry)

"It's going to be an awesome bottom" - Anna

"See I told you it was the Bishop who looked at your sack" - Nova

"Don't go in the toilets, these guys are large" - Red

"We should dress as healers and go to a theme park, instant access to rides" - Vex

"There's only one daddy here and we all know who this is" - Prince

"I had to piss in a pot and watch a middle aged woman decant my own piss into small jars" - Aric

"The only thing I wipe is my ass" - Jerry (yes THE Jerry)

"Can't wait to meet Barry" - Nova

"Just let me slap the dragon already" - Aric

"I don’t know how I feel about the rope hanging between your legs.... " - Raff

"Square has been stealing more of your mums curtains" - Raff

"How dare you open his curtains?" - Emissary Nea

"I can only hope to one day blow everyone's nips off with my big brains" - Nova

"Blow into it slightly to get the Capri Sun squirted directly into the mouth" - Aric

"Send dick pic= insta invite, like i did" - Jerry

"What's wrong with a shoe that looks like an NHS compression sock glued to the sole of a £9.99 Shoezone trainer?" - Aric

"All I wanted was a nice little place to prepare for my adventures. Suddenly its a seedy den of depravity." - Nova

"You....are my plants " - Aric

"I'm pretty sure Aric owns my toaster now" - Rokk

"I need old Elezen man soil" - Emissary Nea

"We are still looking for new recruits. The more the Jerrier" - Vex

"I did want to mention that i did hug you irl but that would be Big Flex" - Emissary Nea

"HIER GEHT'S ZUM TRINKSPASS...this way in" - Aric

"Oooooh, I got it! I googled it and it said it was something that makes you poop faster and I was super confused XD " -Rokk

"This is Haggis" - Rokk

"Fucking hate cheese, I can't even touch cold cheese" - Matcha

"Ew pvp" - Jerry (yes THE Jerry)

"I tried carrying a lamp with my wiener hands and I set the town on fire....not again" - Raff

"Square panty squarepants" - Red

"How wide is this song??" - Aric

"Yeah its LGBT friendly, not LGBT horny" - Vex

"Manipulation is pretty important in general though" - Raff

"Sorry Wolverhampton, but I'm totally flaccid" - Aric

"You know my situation, I ding dong" - Emissary Nea

"I dont think being naked in a cat cafe would be very fun" - Matcha