"I am.....*wait, I'm trying to pronounce it*....dismayed" - Prince

"and there I was still drinking mother's milk" - Aze

"It's going to be an awesome bottom" - Anna

"Hongry for taco, Taco" - Mario

"So Jerry be the weeb you aspire to be, and Prince keep those horny juices flowing" - Vex

"I've seen the back of you, it was too much" - Raff

"Gay stuff dw bout it" - Tai

"Is BDSM a nice game?" - Tarn

"Mate, you can't handle my wood" - Zan

"I'd rather staple my penis to the carpet than have one instant of sexy times with Aymeric " - Aric

"6th July 2020, the day Agito wiped to Cape Westwind" - Taco

"That's why they so small, the size of their ball is dragging them down" - Aru

"Why does thaumaturge's icon look like a roasted sausage from far away?" - Dinglebutt

"Blue uwu" - Zerthus

"Can't wait to meet Barry" - Nova

"You don't want to go into the bathroom, those guys are LARGE" - Red

"I thought manliness was about the length of your beard multiplied by the length of your armpit hair + the density of chest hair" - Skurd

"Nothing better than a garden full of melons" - Tom

"As you all learned this week, the prostate is really close to the rectum" - Neph

"naruto" - Emissary Nea

"This...is a haggis" - Rokk